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Origin of Protestantism and Catholicism and the coming golden age

Protestant revolution was not the origin of protestantism.The first protestant church was the apostolic church. The church depicted in New Testament Bible do not pray to “saints” or use statues\images in prayer,worship or have other lies like compulsory celibacy,purgatory,transubstantiation,Apostolic succession etc. Thus the original Apostolic God’s Church was Protestant/Evangelical in essence.

Later in 4th century AD Constantine the then roman emperor gave Christianity a special status in his empire,in order to consolidate the diminishing power of his goverment because of the fastly increasing christian minority that was spread throughout the Roman empire.Through the edict of Milan, Thessalonica and council of Nicae what they did was not toleration for Christianity,but to create a new fake religion in the name of Jesus,in which they integrated the ancient roman idolatry as the practice of intercession to saints.

Many true Christians at that time and after 4th century AD, were against this.Some of them were early Jewish Christians,Assyrian church of the East & Chaldean Syrian church( commonly referred to as Church of the East),Donatists, Celtic Christians,Arian gothic Christians,Manichaens,Paulicians,Bogomils,Cathars,Waldensians,Hussites,Anabaptists,Strigolnikis and finally Protestants/Evangelicals.

When Constantine gave Christianity a special status in his empire in-order to consolidate the diminishing power of his government because of the fastly increasing christian minority that was spreading throughout the Roman empire.But majority in his empire was still pagan and they found it hard to forgo of their old idolatrous practices. So the state changed the names of their old idols to “christian” names and continued to use them in prayer/worship . This came to be known as “intercession/veneration to saints” and is still practiced by catholic and orthodox ‘Christians’  .Other pagan to christian transmutations include changing of Solar mass of December 25th to Christ mass,changing of fertility goddess Ishtar festival to Easter.

True Christians like early Jewish Christians , Donatists (North Africa,Southern Europe), Manichaen’s (middle east,central Asia) who existed from 1st-15th century AD,opposed this idolatrous practice of intercession/veneration of saints but catholics branded them heretics and massacred them.Assyrian church of East and Chaldean Syrian Church known commonly as Church of East(existed from apostolic times till today mainly in middle east,central Asia,India and China- and thus form the only Christian group that has existed continuously for last 2000 years) also opposed this idolatrous practice of intercession/veneration of saints.

Later Paulicians & Bogomils who existed from 6-12th century AD were against this idolatrous practice .After that Cathars who existed from 11-13th century AD, Waldensians , Hussites & Protestants who existed from 11th century AD till this day, were against this idolatrous practice and other unscriptural lies of catholic/orthodox sects.First Iconoclastic movement of (7th-8th century) century AD by Paulicians and Bogomils was against this practice, later Protestant revolution-2nd iconoclastic movement (15-16th century) was waged mainly against this practice.

Thus when Constantine gave Christianity special status in his empire,idolatry also entered along with it in the unsuspecting name of “intercession to saints”.This soon spread to most of the church,because such was the influence of roman empire at that time.But few like early Jewish Christians(existed from apostolic times to 8th century AD),Assyrian church of East and Chaldean Syrian Church known commonly as Church of East(existed from apostolic times till today- and thus form the only Christian group that has existed continuously for last 2000 years), Donatists (North African Christians) and followers of Mani ~ Manichean’s (Mani was a 2nd century apostle of Jesus whose followers spread from Persia to Balkans in the west and to China in the east,before falling into oblivion probably because of Islamic conquest by about 15th century AD) remained true to the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ,despite severe persecutions from Catholic/Orthodox sects.

Later remnants of these Christians spread to Turkey and Balkans where they were called Paulicians and Bogomils respectively in 6th century AD.They were behind the Iconoclastic movement of 7-8th century(Protestant-Christian revolution of 16th century is considered by scholars to be the 2nd Iconoclastic movement).Both these groups came under heavy persecution from Catholics because they dared to expose the truth of Christ to them.Finally they were wiped out by catholic crusaders,en route to capture Jerusalem by a secret directive from Vatican in 12th century,perhaps the real intention of antichristians aka Catholics for taking up crusades was to wipe out true christian like Paulcians , Bogomils , Assyrian & Chaldean church of east, followers of Apostle Mani etc. who exposed the idolatry and lies of catholic sect.

But almost simultaneously,the spirit of God started 2 new christian movements in heart of Catholicism itself~in Italy and France in 11th century AD . In Italy they were called Waldensians and in France they were called Cathars .Cathars were wiped out in the 12th century by catholic crusaders~a mass murder popularly called as Cathar/Albunesian crusade (catholic church still take great “evil” pride in these crusades) .But Italian Waldensians continued to survive despite of severe catholic persecution and they remain to this day .

By 15th century printing was invented and bible became available to masses . The ignorant masses came to know about truth that catholic church was doing idolatry in the name of God and following unbiblical lies. They revolted and it came to be known as protestant revolution and were led by many great leaders like Jan Hus,Jan Zizka,Martin Luther,Ulrich Zwingli,John Calvin,Petr Chelcisky ,John Knox,John Wesley and many others .Today protestants number more than 900 million .

In future (after the soon coming WW3) they(protestants/evangelicals) will unite as single God’s church and all people living on earth will be it’s members, except for a few Jews in Israel.The 3rd temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and it shall be called “the house of prayer for people of all nations” exactly as Jesus predicted nearly 2000 years ago .Animal and other sacrifices will be offered there in the remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross,just as it symbolized the coming sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ in the old testament period.This will remain till coming of Lord Jesus Christ in mid heavens to take his church from this earth ( rapture) .

In rapture believers will be taken and hypocrites left behind to face great tribulation(such as never happened before or never will in the future) which will last for 7 years.In the half of this 7 year period antichrist will break his agreement with Israeli’s and set himself up in Jerusalem Temple as God,and stop the temple sacrifices and offerings .He will require all to have number 666 imprinted on them to buy or sell.Those who get this mark of 666 are damned for eternal hell.So anybody who happens to be in tribulation period,want salvation he/she has to die as martyrs,or be a part of 144,000 who will be fed in wilderness.

I understand Catholics will be angered by this, but their anger is in vain because this is the truth and truth will triumph.Also note that throughout the centuries Catholics branded(and still branding) all these groups as dualistic pagans heretics who need to be wiped out from face of earth… such branding (stereotyping) were less effective against protestants,in order to fulfill the prophecy of Jesus-”You are Peter(Petros-masculine noun in Koine Greek, meaning a small stone) and i shall build my church(non feminist Protestantism) on this rock(Petra-feminine noun in Koine Greek, meaning a large mass of rock,not the degrading dead body of peter buried under Vatican as certain Catholics claim/believe)and gates of hell(Catholicism and other false religions/ideologies) will not prevail over it”.

The Roman Catholic Church interprets Jesus here to say, “You are Peter, and upon you, Peter, I will build My church.” Peter would be the rock upon which the church is built.
There are several problems with this interpretation.

The first is that someone reading Matthew’s Gospel in Greek, the original language of the New Testament, would not have immediately concluded that Peter was the rock. In the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus said to Simon, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church” (Matthew 16:18), His choice of words was significant. Though Peter’s name means rock (Petros), Jesus did not say, “You are Peter (Petros), and upon this rock (Petros-which accurately means a small unstable stone) I will build my church,instead he said you are Peter (Petros) and i shall build my church on this Petra(meaning bedrock,or a large rock mass).
Peter’s name, Petros ,is masculine in gender and refers to a boulder or a detached stone. Greek literature also uses it of a small stone that might be picked up and thrown.

What Jesus said to Peter could be translated, “You are Stone, and upon this bedrock I will build My church.” His choice of words would indicate that the rock on which the church would be built was something other than Peter,which can only refer to the revelation given to Peter by the most high God,that is-Jesus is the Christ(messiah), the Son of the living God in the given scriptural context-Mathew16:16-18.

Also apostolic succession claim by catholic/orthodox sects by which they claim that authority of keys given by Lord Jesus to Peter in Mathew16:19 is transferred only to a select few leaders who have dubious claim of lineage to Peter like catholic papacy.But Lord Jesus gave this “authority of keys” to all his believers/followers in Mathew18:18.Thus this Apostolic succession claim of catholic/orthodox sects is proved to be another lie by scriptures.

These are the events that will happen in the future:-

After the soon coming WW3/Gog Magog war(Ezekiel 38,39) all false religion in the world will become extinct and the all people living on earth ,except for a few Jews in Israel (Israel will accept Jesus as Christ/Messiah and Lord/Yahweh as prophesied in Zechariah 12:10,yet a minority of Jews will still continue to reject Lord Jesus Christ) will become members of the one true religion of God aka God’s/Christ’s church aka non feminist protestantism(those Christians that reject catholic/orthodox idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints and other lies like apostolic succession and do not promote feminist lies like female pastors and sexual perversions like homosexuality/adultery etc) at least for namesake.

The 3rd temple will be built in Jerusalem and animal and other sacrifices will be offered their in tribute to eternal and ultimate sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ on the cross for the sins of all mankind ,some 2000 years ago.
People from all nations of the earth will come to offer their prayer and sacrifices in this temple and the temple shall be called “house of prayer for people of all nations” exactly as God spoke through prophet Isiah in Isiah 56:7,which was repeated by Lord Jesus Christ in-Mark11:17,Mathew21:13.

Then rapture will occur in which Lord Jesus will come in mid-heavens with trumpet sound of arch-angel and take all true Christians(both living and dead) to heaven and leave behind all hypocrites-namesake Christians on earth to face 7 year tribulation period aka wrath of God.
Events that happen on earth before rapture(church age) are detailed in Mathew24:4-14,Mark13:5-13,
The rapture event is detailed in 1Thessalonians 4:13-18,2Thessalonians2:7.

After the rapture, for 7 years great delusion(false prosperity) and tribulation/wrath of God on those who rejected him will occur all over earth.At the end of this 7 year period Jesus will come with 10,000′s of his saints and defeat satanic forces of beast and false prophet and send beast and false prophet to lake of fire and sulfur which burn eternally ,resurrect the 144,000 elect of Israel along with martyrs of great tribulation period who didn’t receive the mark of the beast,which is 666–Revelations 20:4-6 (this resurrection along with the resurrection of the rapture and the resurrection of Jesus Christ along with some resurrected saints who appeared to people in Jerusalem after Jesus rose from the dead(Mathew27:52,53) is the resurrection of the just),set up his millennial kingdom and martyrs of church period,old testament period and the great tribulation period will rule with Lord Jesus Christ for the 1000 years(Millennium)-Revelations 20:4 and chain Satan in the abyss for a period of 1000 years-Revelations 20:1-3 .These events are detailed in Revelations chapter 4 to chapter 20:6,Jude1:14-15.

After this thousand years Satan will be set loose for a short while and he will bring many nations(Gog and Magog) to attack God’s people.But fire will come down from heaven and destroy them,and Satan will be thrown into lake of fire and sulfur to which beast (antichrist) and false prophet was thrown and will burn eternally-Revelation20:7-10.

Then God will sit in a white throne and earth and heaven will flee away from his presence and all who were not resurrected in the resurrection of the just, will be resurrected and will be judged by God according to their works and all those whose names are not written in the book of life will be sent to lake of fire and sulfur which burn eternally.Then New heavens,New Earth and New Jerusalem will come for all eternity which will be God dwelling with all whose names are written in the book of Life, forever.-Revelations20:11-22:21.

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